Affomo foodtrailers is born in September 2015. Affomo foodtrailers thanks its name to its reasons for existing: providing everyone with an affordable, fully modular foodtrailer. When we combined these two priorities, we knew our name: Affomo.

We noticed that for years, only square vending trailers were available on the market. We at Affomo find that a foodtrailer needs to show real character. Because of these reasons, we went looking for a foodtrailer with character and a retro look which makes everybody happy. Our current selection represents our vision and mindset about foodtrailers. This can be described as unique and full of character with an own touch.

Months of preparation made Affomo foodtrailers what it is nowadays. We are described as affordable, well-informed in our expertise, but mainly with attention for detail. We like a personal approach, to understand our customers as good as possible and to fully empathize us in the concept.

Because of a close relation with our manufacturer, we can provide your trailer of all desired adjustments. Think about dimensions/heights of the worksheets, the wished electronic- and water supplies and all our diverse other possibilities.

To maintain these relationships, we frequently visit our manufacturer to discuss and apply the necessary adjustments, improvements and innovations.