Le Grand Foodtrailers is looking to expand in all European countries.

We are delighted that you are interested in a possible collaboration with Affomo food trailers. Besides the extremely interesting conditions, Affomo food trailers protects its dealers and associated districts by not placing dealers close to each other. In this way each Affomo dealer retains his / her exclusivity.

To further expand the brand Le Grand Foodtrailers, we have set up a standard dealership program to provide our dealers with the best possible information, knowledge, processes and company structures. Our dealers are carefully selected on various criteria to keep our core values alive; (after) Service, Quality and Customer focus. In short, the ultimate customer experience.

Would you like to contribute to the success of Affomo foodtrailers and expand this brand? Please don’t hesitate and complete the contact form below. We will contact you within 48 hours.

Your advantages as an Affomo dealer

  • Benefit of the Le Grand Foodtrailers brand and distinguish yourself from competition.
  • Benefit of the Le Grand Foodtrailers products. Always one step ahead of the competition because of our continuous product development.
  • Dealer and associated area are protected so that you retain exclusivity at all time
  • Close cooperation from Le Grand Foodtrailers, therefor you benefit from the experience, advice, knowledge and company structure.
  • Interesting conditions.