We love to see that you are interested in buying an Affomo foodtrailer! Currently, we are mainly selling our foodtrailers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We always like to grow as a company and make many people happy with their trailer. Are you living a bit further away? Then this offer is the perfect solution for you, because we will buy you an airplane ticket that concerns a ticket to our showroom and the return ticket!

The terms are as follows:

  • The place of departure has to be minimal 800 kilometers away from our showroom

  • The place of departure has to be within the European borders

  • Hotel / overnight stay will not be compensated

  • We are paying for a one person ticket

Affomo will propose a flight as a result of your desired time and place. You have to book this ticket yourself. When officially buying an Affomo foodtrailer, this amount will be discounted on the final invoice.

Interested in this offer? Please fill in the form below and let us know! We will see you soon in our showroom.