Are you busy or not able to pick up your trailer after it has been made ready by one of our mechanics? No worries, our Affomobile and driver are always ready to deliver your trailer at the desired date and time!

Interested in the costs of the delivery at your desired location? Please contact us, so we can calculate the costs for you.


Our foodtrailers can standard be delivered in a large diversity of colors and combinations. However, do you want just that bit of extra and make sure that the foodtrailers shows your (brand) identity? Then we can also help you further.

We work with companies that can provide our foodtrailers with a custom wrap, a giant sticker so to speak. These companies have the expertise to translate your idea to a wrap that completely fits the concept that you’re having in mind.

Send us your files (.ai or .eps) and we are happy to make you a proposal/quote

Le Grand Foodtrailers: European type approval & LGFT AL-KO chassis

Le Grand Foodtrailers has extensively tested the complete food trailers and made various strength calculations. Conclusion: the superstructure itself is simply not strong enough as a self-supporting whole.

That is why Le Grand Foodtrailers engineers have designed their own chassis in close collaboration with AL-KO. Tailor-made for Le Grand Foodtrailers, to optimize the life cycle of your trailer as well as to significantly improve driving stability and handling. All trailers are supplied on this galvanized chassis.

AL-KO is the best known supplier of trailer and chassis parts. This means that all parts are available everywhere. The shaft, one of the most important parts, is equipped with modern torsion springs. In this way, your entire trailer is optimally suspended and your goods and equipment are perfectly protected against unnecessary damage.

Le Grand Foodtrailers is a homologated trailer manufacturer. This means that the trailers as a whole have type approval, which assures you as a customer of the correct approval. With the European Certificate of Conformity, issued by Le Grand Foodtrailers, you can easily register your trailer.

Pay attention!

Multiple case of life-threatening situations are known by use of the original ‘chassis’ under similar foodtrailers. By means of this page we would like to make you aware of the large differences and dangers between a European approved chassis and an ‘originally non-certified chassis’.

Besides the fact that these chassis can cause life-threatening situations, it is even forbidden to drive on the public road with a trailer/chassis without European approval.

Below you can see an amount of recent, life-threatening situations that have occurred by using the original chassis.

The coupling

The coupling is one of the primary parts that has to bear the largest forces, so this part of the trailer has to be of good quality. Our couplings are from the acknowledged brand AL-KO, one of the most well known in the industry for years by experience and safety.

A good coupling must be provided with a solid release cable and a good layered nosewheel, preferably a rubber one instead of a plastic nosewheel. At the picture shows the coupling of a Affomo foodtrailer.

The suspension

There are two types of suspensions for a chassis: leaf spring and torsion spring. Leaf spring is a primitive form of suspension, wherein the bending of one or multiple layers stacked on each other is used. This technique is in the meantime outdated and therefore since circa 1970 almost all of the western manufacturers are switched to torsion springs.

The ‘original’ chassis are provided with the outdated leaf springs, which has as disadvantage that it has a bouncing property.

The axle

The axle is basically the foundation of the chassis, it all starts at a solid axle. Our non-braking versions have an axle with a maximum axle load of 750 kg. Our braked versions have a maximum axle load of 1350 kg.

Pay attention: at the type plate the axle load has to be stated, both of the nosewheel and the axle. Usually there is also a plate connected with the axle load and the data of the manufacturer.

The CoC-certificate

It can be quite confusing, but a CoC-certificate is not the same as a CE-test. At the purchase of new trailers a CoC-certificate is obligatory since 2012, also for trailers with a M.A.M. of 750 kg. There is even a fine for driving with a trailer without type approval.

Le Grand Foodtrailers offer only trailers with full type approval.


Does Affomo foodtrailers also deliver abroad?2019-07-11T11:17:59+02:00

Do you want to purchase an Affomo foodtrailer but you are not living in the Netherlands? No problem! We also deliver our foodtrailers abroad. At the moment we are having the possibility to deliver our foodtrailers in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France. Besides, you can also purchase an Affomo foodtrailers on the short term at one of our dealers.

Do I need a special license to drive with an Affomo foodtrailer?2019-07-11T11:16:59+02:00

In the Netherlands, you can tow a trailer with the ”normal” car driving license in a number of cases.

However, there are two conditions:

  • The trailer can’t be heavier than 750 kg (mass empty vehicle + loading capacity)
  • The trailer can’t be heavier than 750 kg. The condition then is however that the maximum authorized mass (MAM) of the total combination (towing vehicle + trailer) can’t be more than 3500 kg.

For bot conditions applies that the actual towing weight can’t be more than the towing capacity of the vehicle. The towing capacity of your vehicle is on the registration certificate.

In all other cases, a BE or B+ driving license for mobile homes is required.

All or trailers weigh less than 750 kg, which makes it that in 99% of the cases a normal B-driving license is sufficient.

Take a look at the website of the RDW / DIV / TÜV for more information.

Are the Affomo foodtrailers European approved?2019-07-11T11:14:15+02:00

For new trailers below 750 kg, only an approval by the RDW / DIV / TÜV is required. The registration certificate is not required. All our foodtrailers are individually approved by the RDW / DIV / TÜV and meet the requirements. Because of this approval, we can guarantee you that can drive the road safely.

Do I have to take up an insurance?2019-07-11T11:13:07+02:00

Insurance is not obligatory for a foodtrailer. The foodtrailer is during driving automatically co-insured with insurance of the towing vehicle. When you are driving with a trailer behind your car, you are also responsible for the damage that you’re causing with the trailer to another person or his belongings.

To protect yourself from robbery or damage to your trailer, we always recommend to take out a caravan-insurance.

Are the Affomo foodtrailers self-sufficient?2019-07-11T11:12:02+02:00

The Affomo foodtrailers are not self-sufficient. To provide the foodtrailer with power, there is a 230V power connection present in the foodtrailer.

After the power is connected, you can make use of the 2 sockets. At the standard set-ups, you can simultaneously only use a maximum of 3 kWh on equipment. Of course, we can adjust this to your needs.

From experience we can tell that the most locations of where you can find our trailer have a power connection available. If there is no power connection available, then you can always rent an aggregate.

What is the average delivery time?2019-07-11T11:10:51+02:00

The delivery time of an Affomo foodtrailer varies and is depending on your desires.

All foodtrailers in the showroom are already perfectly ready. This means that when you decide to purchase a stocked trailer without stickering, you can almost immediately take it home.

When you want to customize your trailer completely, then the delivery time yields around 10 to 12 weeks. This is depending on the bustling and the manufacturer that we’re working with.

Is it possible to visit and view the foodtrailers?2019-07-11T11:08:48+02:00

You are always welcome in our showroom to visit our trailers. We have diverse set-ups of foodtrailers in our showroom, so you can get a good impression of the possibilities. Make sure to that you make an appointment before visiting is, we namely like to have the coffee ready for you.

For how long is the guarantee on my foodtrailer valid?2019-07-11T11:07:40+02:00

Affomo offers a guarantee-period of 1 year on all its foodtrailers. Would you like to know what is exactly within the guarantee? Please contact us and we will explain it to you. We happily send you the general conditions, wherein the guarantees that we offer are elaborately explained.

What is the advantage for me as a non-Dutch enterprise with a valid VAT-number to purchase a foodtrailer at Affomo?2019-07-15T14:12:10+02:00

When you purchase an Affomo foodtrailer as a non-Dutch enterprise with a valid VAT-number, you receive an invoice with 0% VAT. Since the delivery is part of the intra-community treatment, you don’t have to finance for the VAT. You only have to pay this sum at the VAT declaration in your own country.